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Location :       Kota, Rajasthan

» Occasion :    Ram’s victory over Ravana celebrated.

» Time :          October

» Location :    Ajmer, Rajasthan.

» Significant Feature :          Urs Of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moin-Ud-Din Chisti.

» Duration :   The First Six Days Of Rajasthan



The shore town of Ajmer is found in central Rajasthan, and is command in nice reverence by devotees of all communities World Health Organization decision it 'Ajmer Sharif' (Holy Ajmer). it's here that the mortal remains of the extremely revered Sufi saint Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chishti lie buried.


The Khwaja came from Persia and established the Chishtia order of fakirs in Asian country. he's popularly called Gharib Nawaz (protector of the poor) as a result of he dedicated his entire life to the service of man. His spartan life spanned virtually 100 years and he embraced death in solitude whereas he had withdrawn to his cell for 6 days, asking to not be disturbed. The Dargah Sharif in Ajmer is that the place wherever the Saint's mortal remains lie buried and is that the web site of the most important Muslim truthful in Asian country. quite 5 hundred thousand devotees happiness to completely different communities gather from all components of the landmass to pay respect to the Khwaja on his Urs (death anniversary) throughout the primary six days of Islamic calendar month (seventh month of the Muhammadan calendar.)


The pilgrims World Health Organization return to hunt the blessings of the Khwaja build made offerings referred to as nazrana at the holy spot wherever the saint has been entombed. The offerings of rose and bush flowers, wood paste, perfumes and incense contribute to the fragrance that floats within the air within the shrine. additionally offered by devotees area unit the head covering, ghilaph and neema, that area unit consecrate offerings for the place. These area unit brought by devotees on their heads and bimanual over to the khadims within the sanctum sanctorum. Outside the sanctum sanctorum of the dargah, skilled singers referred to as qawwals in teams and sing the praises of the saint during a characteristic high pitched voice. individuals gather around them and listen with attention, generally applause to the rhythm of their instruments.


» Major Attractions of Ajmer


Adhai-Din-Ka Jhonpara : this is often a masterpiece of Indo - Muslim design. As legend goes its was made in 2 and a-half days (Adhi-Din). it's a relic of AN previous house of prayer consisting of a quadrangle with a front screen wall of seven pointed arches. The distinct pillars and arched screen with its ruined minarets build it a splendid branch of knowledge masterpiece.


Ajmer Dargah-e-Sharif : At the foot of a barren hill, is placed India’s most significant journeying center for individuals from all faiths. it's the sumptuous place of the Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti a lot of popularly called Khawaja Saheb or Khawaja Sharif. The shrine is next solely to Mecca or Median for the Muslims of South Asia. Emperor Akbar wont to build a journeying to the present Dargah from metropolis once a year.


Taragarh Fort : the large fort stands guarding the town. it's six gates. The fort additionally has Miran Saheb ki Dargha World Health Organization was the governor of the fort ANd ordered down his life in an encounter. It offers a position of the town placed in Nagpahari of Aravalli ranges, this fort has huge anthropology and historical importance.


Ana Sagar Lake : it's a man-made lake named once Anaji Chauhan. The catchments were engineered with the assistance of native world. The 'Baradari' pavilions was engineered by Emperor, to facilitate his long stays in Ajmer. the Baradari and therefore the adjacent parks area unit the lungs of town and favorite outing spot.


» Places to remain in Ajmer


The RTDC has done lots to retain the normal flavour in its hotels in and around Ajmer. Hotels like RTDC's Khadim, go with AC Deluxe rooms additionally as normal rooms, that provides a snug keep within the town. There are Sarai facilities for the pilgrims. the govt. sponsored paying guest theme makes the traveler feel reception.


» looking in Ajmer

While looking in Ajmer , one will endure a shopping for spree of varied varieties of things representing Rajasthani culture and elegance. The 'Ittar' (perfume) could be a major specialty of Ajmer. One should purchase here superb previous silver jewelry with styles of a completely completely different era.

» a way to Get there


Air : the closest aerodrome is that of Jaipur.


Rail : the town is well connected by trains with all the most important places in Asian country.


Road : The state transport has its bus services from everywhere Rajasthan and additionally from Old Delhi. However, throughout the Urs, sizable amount of individuals inbound in Ajmer, it's sensible to set up your trip ahead throughout now.


Local Transport : town public-service corporation operate within the town and to Pushkar. Unmetered taxis, auto-rickshaws, tongas, and cycle-rickshaws are accessible for commutation.


» Climate of Ajmer


Pretty hot in summers and becomes inexperienced with initial rain as all its tiny mountains become inexperienced, in winters temperature is chilled.

Dussehra is well known in Kota in Sep-Oct. This pageant is well known everywhere the country however the Kota Dussehra is kind of distinctive for it marks quite simply the start of a gay amount.