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» Location :     Jaipur, Rajasthan

» Diety :          Parvati

» Time :          July to August


Teej is that the pageant of swings. It marks the arrival of the monsoon month of Shravan (August). The monsoon rains fall on the parched land and therefore the pleasing scent of the wet soil rises into the air. Swings square measure decorated from trees and adorned with flowers. Young women and girls wearing inexperienced garments sing songs in celebration of the arrival of the monsoon. This pageant is devoted to the deity Hindu deity, ceremonial occasion her union with Lord Shiva. deity Hindu deity is idolized by seekers of connubial elation and happiness.


An elaborate procession is taken go into Jaipur for 2 consecutive days on the gay occasion that is watched by folks in giant numbers. The teej idol is richly adorned with ornaments and gaudy dresses. The Teej idol is roofed with a cover whereas the Gangaur idol is open.


» History of Teej pageant


According to Hindu mythology, on the third day (teej) once the phase of the moon within the month of Shravan deity Hindu deity visited the house of lord Shiva, her husband and was united with him. in this day and age is well known as Teej everywhere Bharat and particularly thus in Rajasthan. aside from its mythological origins this pageant conjointly heralds the arrival of the time of year. within the month of Shravan the long hoped-for monsoon finally arrives in Rajasthan transportation relief to the parched land. sort of a magic wand it transforms the new, unclean and barren summer landscape of Rajasthan into the fertile inexperienced beehive of activity. The Teej festivities conjointly celebrate this rejuvenation.


» Activities of Teej pageant


Teej is well known in the main by the ladies people of Rajasthan. Married ladies UN agency revere Hindu deity for her devotion to her husband Shiva celebrate Teej. The celebration revolves around singing and saltation in praise of Hindu deity. The rituals enable the ladies to coddle and luxuriate in themselves, to feast, to decorate within the better of cloths, garb and jewelry, actually to seem the gorgeous best.


All over Rajasthan, even in remote villages, Jhoolas (swings) square measure decorated from trees and adorned with leaves and flowers. women and women are often seen enjoying on these swings, taking part in games, singing people songs and applying Mehandi (henna) on their palms. In Jaipur associate idol of deity Hindu deity (Teej Mata) is taken go into a royal procession from town palace so the final public will have an opportunity to pay respect to the deity. Antique gilt palanquins, bullock carts pull cannons, chariots, gaily adorned elephants with silver haodas, horses, camels, brass bands, and cluster of dances all type an area of this grand spectacle. The palankeen of deity Paravati is carried by eight men wearing red color. This kilometre long procession winds its manner through the lanes of the recent town. native folks are available immense numbers, dress in their best ancient garments. house is at a premium as folks perch on high of building, windows even trees to catch a glimpse of deity. an enormous band of urchins follows the palankeen to grab these offerings.


A lot of merriment prevails throughout the Teej procession. teams of men and girls are often seen singing saltation and taking part in musical instruments. Men and girls dressed as gods and deity conjointly take part the procession.


 Places to remain in Jaipur


There square measure many budget hotels and paying guest accommodations obtainable in Jaipur. Heritage edifice in Jaipur includes the Ramgarh Lodge, Royal Castle Kanota, rule Mahal Palace, that coddle tourists with royal treatment. For budget vacationers, there are 5 star hotels that has names like Man Singh Towers, edifice Jaipur Palace, The Ethnic Village Resort. several Jaipur hotels square measure an area of leading hotels chains just like the Taj Hotels and Resorts, Oberoi cluster of hotels, Welcome cluster of hotels, and therefore the Mansingh cluster of hotels.


» Best Time to go to Jaipur


Summer ranges from 25°C to a most of 45°C, whereas winter lies between 22°C to a coffee of 8°C. The rainy seasons square measure terribly wet ranging from Gregorian calendar month to middle Sept. the most effective time to go to Jaipur is between Oct to March.


» a way to Get there


Air : Indian Airlines connect Jaipur with city, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Aurangabad, Bombay, Varanasi, Calcutta, Ahmedabad.


Rail : Jaipur is connected by rail with city, Agra, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Abu Road (Mount Abu), Udaipur, city and Sawai Madhopur.


Road : smart motorable roads connect Jaipur with city 258 klick, urban center 236 klick, Bikaner 321 klick, Udaipur 405 klick, Ajmer 131 klick, Jodhpur 316 klick, Bharatpur 176 klick, Jaisalmer 638 klick and city 1202 klick.


» Climate of Jaipur


Like most alternative north Indian cities, Jaipur too has extreme climate. The summers are often very popular with mercury crossing forty five degree, whereas winters square measure chilled and therefore the temperature will fall below five degrees.