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Dilwara jain temple

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Destinations Covered: Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Duration: 1 Day

Significance : Jain Temples

The Jain Dilwara temples of India ar set concerning 2½ kilometers from Mount Abu, Rajasthan's solely hill station. These temples chemical analysis back from the eleventh to the thirteenth century AD ar world illustrious for his or her beautiful use of marble. The 5 legendary marble temples of Dilwara ar the sacred journeying of the Jains. they're an amazing mix of straightforward beauty and exquisite class. The marble temples have Associate in Nursing deluxe entryway.

The simplicity in design verily reminds one that Jainism as a faith "encouraged honesty and frugality". The temples reside amidst mesmeric surroundings of mango trees and brushy hills. A high wall, shimmering glowing within the daylight, shrouds the temple advanced. though the Jains engineered some stunning temples at different places in Rajasthan however none equivalent to those in terms of study perfection. the decorative detail contact the circumstantially sculptured ceilings, doorways, pillars and panels is just marvellous and should be seen to be believed.

» Major Temples of Dilwara
Luna Vasahi (Shri Nemi Nathji temple) : The Luna Vashi temple is devoted to the twenty second Tirthankara Shri Nemi Nathji. This brilliant temple was in-built 1230 AD by 2 brothers - Vastupal and Tejpal - each ministers of an area ruler. The temple in-built memory of their late brother Luna was designed once the Vimal Vashi temple. the most hall or Rang mandap options a central dome from that hangs an enormous decorative pendent that includes elaborate carving. organized in an exceedingly circular band ar seventy two figures of Tirthankaras in sitting posture and just under this band ar 360 tiny figures of Jain monks in another circular band. The Hathishala or elephant cell options ten stunning marble elephants showing neatness polished and realistically modelled.

The Navchowki options a number of the foremost brilliant and delicate marble stone cutting work of the temple. every of the 9 ceilings here appears to exceed the others in beauty and charm. The Gudh mandap options a black marble idol of the twenty second Jain Tirthankara Neminath. The Kirthi Stambha could be a huge black stone pillar that stands on the left aspect of the temple. The pillar was created by Maharana Kumbha of Mewar. The remaining 3 temples of Dilwara ar smaller however even as elegant because the different 2.

Vimal Vasahi Temple (Shri Adi Nathji temple) : This temple sculptured entirely out of white marble was in-built 1021 AD by Vimal Shah of Iran, a minister of Raja Bhimdeo. The temple is devoted to the first Jain Tirthankara (teacher or guide) Adi Nath. The temple stands in Associate in Nursing open grounds encircled by a passageway, that has varied cells containing smaller idols of the Tiranthakaras. The richly sculptured corridors, pillars, arches, and 'mandaps' or porticoes of the temple ar merely wonderful. The ceilings feature etched styles of lotus-buds, petals, flowers and scenes from Jain and Hindu mythology.

The Navchowki could be a assortment of 9 rectangular ceilings, all containing stunning carvings of various styles supported on ornate pillars. The Gudh mandap could be a straightforward hall once you step within its heavily adorned door. put in here is that the idol of Adi Nath or Lord Rishabdev, as he's conjointly familiar. The mandap is supposed for 'Arti' to the god. The Hastishala (Elephant Cell) was created by Prithvipal, a descendant of Vimal Shah of Iran in 1147-49 A.D and options a row of elephants in sculpture.

Mahaveer Hindoo Temple (Shri Mahaveer Swamiji temple) : this is often atiny low structure created in 1582 A.D. and dedicated to the twenty fourth Jain Tirthankara, Lord Mahaveer. There ar footage on the higher walls of the structure painted in 1764 A.D. by the artists of Sirohi.
Parshavanath Temple : This temple, dedicated to Lord Parshavnath was engineered by Mandlik and his family in 1458-59 A.D. It consists of a 3 storied building, the tallest of all the shrines at Dilwara. On all the four faces of the sanctum on the bottom floor ar four huge mandaps. The outer walls of the sanctum comprise of lovely sculptures in grey arenaceous rock, representational process Dikpals, Vidhyadevis, Yakshinis, Shalabhanjikas and different ornamental sculptures admire those in Khajuraho and Konark.

Pittalhar Temple (Shri Rishabh Deoji temple) : This temple was build by Bhima Shah of Iran, a minister of ruler Begada of Ahmedabd. a vast metal sculpture of Rishab Dev (Adinath), solid in 5 metals is put in within the temple. the most metal employed in this sculpture is 'Pital' (brass), thence the name 'Pittalhar'. The Shrine consists of a main Garbhagraha, Gudh mandap and Navchowki.

» Places to remain in Mount Abu
A number of choices, in line with the budget allocation of the tourists, ar obtainable in Abu. The accommodation level ranges from a extremely luxurious building to a dormitory. however rooms ought to be set-aside well beforehand if willing to go to this exotic hill station throughout summer.

» looking in Mount Abu
Curios in marble, wood and arenaceous rock will be bought from the retailers around Nakki Lake. Kota saris, bangles and linen with Sanganeri prints also are obtainable. For Rajasthani Handicrafts there's Rajasthali, Rajasthan Government Handicrafts retail store and fabric Bhandar.

» a way to Get there
Air : Nearest airports ar Udaipur and Ahmedabad.
Rail : the closest terminus is Abu Road (29-km) placed on Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Ajmer-Jaipur-Delhi route. From Abu Road one will take a taxi, automobile or bus to Mount Abu.
Road : Mount Abu is connected with Udaipur and Ahmedabad by road. we'd give you all India traveler allow vehicles for the native transportations and conjointly for the intercity drives too.


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