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Brahma Temple


Lying on the far side the Nagaparvat and Anasagar Lake in Pushkar is that the Brahma temple of Rajasthan, India. a preferred journeying of Hindus, the Brahma temple, Pushkar is that the solely temple of Lord Brahma in India. The legend is that Lord Brahma performed a Yagna here, together with all the gods and goddesses. it's additionally believed that a lotus fell from the hands of Lord Brahma and fell within the depression of Pushkar. in real time once, Sarovar Lake appeared miraculously at that place.

The Brahma temple is made of marble, in southern vogue. Also, the ground of the temple is adorned with a silver turtle. The temple homes a sculpture of Lord Brahma in an exceedingly palthi (seated) position. The temple additionally contains of a picture of Lord Hindu deity, life sized dwarpals (door men) and Garuda pillars (a legendary bird, in gold).

regarding Pushkar

Pushkar could be a tiny, mellow city with no vehicular traffic on the most street. There square measure over four hundred temples in Pushkar. a number of the vital temples square measure dedicated to Brahma, Raghunath, Varaha, Savitri ,and Gayatri. it's celebrated for the artiodactyl honest, that takes place here in Oct/Nov. Alcohol and meat square measure presupposed to be prohibited here. Pushkar is on the sting of the Rajasthan desert, 10 metric linear unit northwest of Ajmer, four hundred metric linear unit southwest of Ajmer, four hundred metric linear unit southwest of urban center, and a hundred forty five metric linear unit southwest of Jaipur.

It is aforesaid that Lord Brahma's lotus flower fell in 3 separate places within the Pushkar space, and water came from the bottom at every place. they're placed among a radius of six miles. Senior Pushkar, wherever the hotels square measure placed, is taken into account the foremost spot, as a result of the lotus fell here 1st. Middle Pushkar is three metric linear unit down the road and contains a tiny Hanuman temple and a 200-year-old banian tree. New (Junior) Pushkar, three metric linear unit any north, contains a tiny Krishna temple. As Brahma threw the pushpa (flower) together with his kar (hand), therefore the place received the name Pushkar.

Other Attractions

Though celebrated for its temples, it's quite simply a temple city, there is abundant to explore here in its maze of painted ghats, temples, ashrams and dharamshalas skirting the lake. Pushkar attracts a large variety of tourists, Sadhu's by the hordes, lots of foreigners keen to find out yoga and study spirituality, artiodactyl traders and their beasts, the backpackers and additionally a good little bit of hippies. This splendidly eclectic combine provides it a novel culture, one price exploring and being a region of. Take a stroll, lallygag around the lake facet, relax, socialize, be stunned regarding numerous things that happen around you and eat the very low cost buffet vogue restaurants. search within the Sadar bazaar, learn yoga and meditation, get a soothing massage at the top of the day, fancy its ordered back atmosphere and acquire some well due peace of mind.